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Kendall Square Cinema
1 Kendall Square 02139 Cambridge United States
We will be showing a live recording of ALL’OPERA: THE GIRL OF THE GOLDEN WEST for one night only on August 10 at 7:00PM. All tickets for this performance will be $15.00 and no passes/discounts will be accepted. Tickets are on sale now!

About THE GIRL OF THE GOLDEN WEST: With its sprawling hills and steep mountains, The Girl of the Golden West is the first “spaghetti western” in opera history. A revolver-wielding sheriff, a group of homesick Gold Rush miners, desperate bandits and a girl with a pure heart come together in one of Puccini’s greatest works for a production that is full of life. An exuberant symphony of the great frontier filled with laughter and tears, the sumptuous music of Puccini transports us into the heart of a saloon where passions, but also humanity, brotherhood and compassion triumph. In the Polka saloon, the miners think about their mothers in Italy while Minnie (Dutch soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek), behind the counter, reads the Bible. Love will come to her in the role of a villain, played here by the great Roberto Aronica. Going beyond appearances, Minnie sees his kind heart and the possibility of a life together. Westbroek’s Minnie has an undeniable physical presence and powerful voice, characteristics that allow her to defend herself in the midst of this rough, male-dominated world. Robert Carson’s new production, to be recorded live in 2016, is one of All’Opera’s most exciting this season. Sung in Italian and presented with English subtitles.