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Tuna De Medicina Do Porto at The Sinclair


The Sinclair
52 Church St 02138 Cambridge United States
Tuna de Medicina do Porto

Doors open: 7pm
All Ages Welcome

Tuna de Medicina do Porto is a musical group of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto, in Portugal, composed at the moment by over 130 students and graduated students of Medicine, whose purpose is to promote and disclose the Portuguese music and academic traditions. Our group was founded in 1991, born from a common and ancient dream of the students of our Faculty, whose passion for music and for the academic tradition in Portugal led them to the formation of this singular group. We are inspired in the traditional groups of college students, tunas, who got together since ancient times in Portuguese and Spanish universities to play music.

With a diverse repertoire, based on own adaptations of songs from de 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, several arrangements of traditional Portuguese songs and also some original songs, Tuna de Medicina do Porto is a distinct group who always tries to give their public the best, which can be noticed in our performances. This is due to our deep passion, as well as respect, for music as well as Medicine, both intricate traces of our identity as a group of young students.

We are one of the groups in Portugal who has travelled the most since their formation, having already performed in places spread across the 4 corners of the World, such as: Macau, Goa, Brazil, United States, Canada and several European countries (Spain, France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, among many others). In the last year of 2015, we went on a journey to Macau, Hongkong, Bangkok, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore during the month of August. Along our history, we have also recorded four albums with songs played by our group, and the most recent one went on sale last March 2016. Our plans for this year’s International Tour is to present that album to the people in the United States of America (Boston, NY, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Tulare, San José and San Francisco) and Canada (Toronto).

Setting our identity by the excellence, pride and joy which we always bear with us, Tuna de Medicina do Porto is a young, lively and dynamic group, always looking for the next big adventure or achievement to be accomplished, whilst keeping a true bohemian, romantic and joyful spirit, which we try to share with our public in every single occasion.

This is Tuna de Medicina do Porto!